Ready for some action packed gameplay? Ping Pong is here to offer you a fun Spring Pong gameplay as you try to get access to all the dots that are your color as fast as you can.
This addicting Ping Pong game doesn’t require any learning curve, all you have to do is to hit the ball with the same color paddle and you will win. The higher the score you get the better it will be as you enter the leaderboard with top players.
Enter the top 10 as you try to play Ping Pong without a paddle and focus only on your skills to get the best results and experience. Ping Pong is similar to tennis but it does have its own twist. It’s an arcade game that relies on fast reflexes and great attention to detail!
As you play you will need to work hard in order to hit the ball with the same color paddle as the gameplay gets increasingly challenging! You are always free to use new strategies in order to achieve your goals! Don’t hesitate and download Ping Pong now for the ultimate arcade pong game!
• A great twist on the regular pong game
• Continuous game play
• The difficulty increases as you play
• Breach the top 10 and become a leader