“Hidden Objects” is a must to have game for all the hidden objects game lovers!
In this game you will be given a sample of the object that you have to find. Once the free ‘Hidden Objects’ game begins, a timer will start and you have to clear maximum levels by finding hidden objects in each one, within the specified time limit.
The principle of the free ‘Hidden Objects’ game is simple: you have to find series of hidden objects from a bulk of objects present in the scene. Every time you advance to a new level, a new challenge awaits you.
You can easily select the difficulty mode (Easy, Medium, Hard or Expert) of the game and you will get hints to find the object from the lot (Only in Easy mode). These hints will appear after every 5 seconds till your time is over. So, keep an eagle eye on the screen to see the hints.
Beware of the time limit! You will be given a limited time in which you have to find hidden objects! To play this free ‘Hidden objects’ game, a fast analysis is required.
Hidden Objects will allow you to play as many levels as you want. Once you have cleared a level, you will be promoted to the next level which will be trickier than the previous one and of course will be more interesting.
Along with these features, some more features are also available. These include the display of scores after every level, along with your highest score in each level i.e. Easy, Medium, Hard or Expert.
Awesome Free ‘Hidden Objects’ Game Features:
– Based on 4 difficulty modes (Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert) along with unlimited levels.
– An amazing UI
– Time limited game
– Hints in Easy mode after every 5 seconds
– Can buy coins
– Will get a chance to play numerous levels in each Gaming mode i.e. Easy, Medium, Hard or Expert
– Best score will be shown at the end of each level cleared, so now you will know how much you have scored.
So, if you like such games ‘Hidden Objects‘ is the latest and best mobile app made for you!
Come, play, try it today and share it with your friends!